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New Daylite Academy Beta Interface
I do not see a place to specifically comment regarding Daylite Academy, so I am opting to do so here. I prefer to access the courses in a logical fashion, most of the time, as the have been grouped. This is because I most often use the Daylite Academy courses when I want to quickly go in and understand correctly how a particular aspect of Daylite works. The beta version of the new interface doesn't lay it out categorically, but only offers to sort alphabetically or by my recent activity. The latter makes sense if I am simply wanting to continue with a current course. But if I come to the Daylite Academy, for example, asking myself, "How can I understand how to use Activity Sets wisely," then it makes the most sense to think logically about what course(s) might help me the most, considering the context in which I am seeking insight. And having the courses grouped and ordered logically, as the have been, is most helpful. To me, all the other dashboard modules and leaderboards and points, showing other learners, etc., is of little value to me. Perhaps it is motivational to groups of people working through training together? But for me, it's more clutter and distraction. What might help would be a quick button to ask a question about the academy, or something that is relevant to the academy material, or a place where subscribers can submit specific requests for what the would like to be covered in the Daylite Academy courses. Please know that I have found the Daylite Academy material very helpful, especially because it is so clear, and put in context, with clear explanation of how things are designed to work. Sometimes, other companies have FAQs or searchable knowledge bases for product help that are of very limited value. They are less helpful sometimes, because the provide atomized, short bits of information in the form of "How do you ____?" and the answer is given on how to do a discreet thing in the software. That is helpful for something like, "How do I create a keystroke for X action?" But it isn't very helpful for things that are more contingent on how I set up other aspects of the system I'm using. The Daylite Academy is a good middle ground kind of product, between quick "How do you X?" Knowledge Base questions and consulting time. It provides overall, thoughtful teaching about the product and best practice examples. So my plea is: please pursue this approach to it, so that it remains robust in content, clear and logical in its UI, and un-confusing and uncluttered in the UX, such as showing me leaderboards, progress dashboards, etc. Maybe, make those available from some kind of "Stats" section? Thank you, Andrew
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